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Publication Designers

Design with Creative Impact!

Rockstar Memoirs is a leading publisher of yearbooks and magazines for groups, schools, universities and workplaces across Australia. Through creativity and design, we’re passionate about helping groups celebrate the people and experiences of their communities.

Based in Darlinghurst, we’re a specialised team of The Distillery and inspired about making a meaning impact through authenticity, paper and print.

Publications Design Opportunities

We’re seeking Junior Graphic Designers to join our design team.

Combining your passion for learning with Rockstar’s training and support, we aim to develop you into a publications and stationery design specialist within our studio.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Recent graduates, or final year design students
  • Focussed on development fundamentals to establish yourself in the creative industry
  • Understanding of digital design, but your heart lies with tangibility, paper and print
  • Perhaps dabblers with illustration, hand-lettering or photography

Duties and Responsibilities

Publication Design

  • Interpreting project and design briefs
  • Reviewing and pre-sorting content supplied by clients
  • Dropping-in content onto pages
  • Processing data merges for profile pages
  • Finessing each page, applying principles of great publication design
  • Receiving and adopting feedback from design reviews
  • Processing editorial and design revisions received from clients
  • Exporting artwork for draft review and final print

Content & Draft Coordination

  • Understanding key goals of each publication
  • Communicating with clients to assist effective collection of content
  • Developing and adjusting project timelines
  • Sharing drafts with clients for review

Creative & Design

  • Designing creative concepts for custom design publications

If your creative heart is with paper and print, are passionate about investing in your skills, and aren’t afraid to learn through dedication and hard-work, this opportunity is perfect for you.

We’re seeking junior creatives with the attitude, ambitions and talent to become a creative leader of tomorrow.

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